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Make a Custom, Personalized Wedding Book

by / Saturday, 08 November 2014 / Published in Photobooks

Everybody knows that weddings are about the bride and groom sharing their love for each other with their closest friends and family members. They are special events that are carefully planned: beginning long before the actual date. The whole experience can remind you of what it must be like in the eye of a tornado, with little opportunity to stop and enjoy things as they happen. A wedding photo book is a great way to document one of the best days you will have in your life.

Just about everybody has photographs of the ceremony and the typical poised and beautiful shots afterwards. It is no surprise that these would come together to create a lovely photo book, but consider these suggestions in addition:

  • Everybody knows that the most important part of a wedding is the dress. Choosing the perfect one often involves trying on dozens, if not hundreds of rejects before finding the gown of your dreams. Take some of the stress away by mugging for the camera as you try each one on (and don’t forget to include shots of the best and worst bridesmaids dress options that you force your friends into as well).
  • Did you have a fantastic bridal shower? Bachelor or bachelorette party? Pull together photographs of these pre-events to remember the more intimate gatherings that happened prior to the wedding itself.
  • On the actual day of the wedding, as the bride and her bridesmaids work feverishly to become beautiful, have photographs taken. A collage of hair and makeup being done and dressing the bride will all be wonderful memories to look back on after the panic of getting everything perfect is behind you (don’t forget to have somebody take pictures of the groom and his grooms men as well, you might be surprised how nervous and anxious they are in that camp too).
  • Years ago it was common practice to put disposable cameras on every table at the reception and have your guests take candid photographs throughout the evening. Now that guests all have smartphones in their pockets, consider putting a placard on every table with an email address they can send photographs to and create a photo book from the best (and funniest) shots you receive.

While it goes without saying that the bride and groom would love copies of these wedding photo books, they would also make fantastic gifts for the wedding party and close family members.

High Quality Wedding Photo Book Printing – Reliable Canadian Company

A reliable printer is very important when you are planning to create a wedding photo book. Your wedding day can be the most important day of your life and a quality professional like those at Treasure-Book make all the difference. They have high attention to detail, will proofread your book and even fix and red eyes or blemishes along the way. They print on the highest paper quality available. It is so pleasant to the touch, and doesn’t tear easily or leave fingerprint marks. Check out all of these rave reviews from customers who have chosen Treasure-Book as their go to photo book printing company.

Start Making Your Wedding Book Today

No matter whether you are using professional photographs or candid photos taken by your friends in the creation of your wedding photo book, it is a fun way to add a certain type of narrative to your otherwise two-dimensional memories. Surprise your bridal party or family members with a custom wedding photo book! Just download your free photo book software by filling out the form to the right and start your project today. If you need help, you can contact us by phone at 1-877-513-8261 or send us an email.

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