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Return Policy

Here at Treasure Book we take pride in helping you create a wonderful keepsake. You’ve done your part with the creation and design, we do ours by carefully reviewing your digital book and fixing minor errors (we’ll contact you when anything doesn’t ‘look’ right!) When it comes time to print, we use quality materials and processes – we go the extra mile to ensure your book will stand up to multiple viewings and the test of time. Each and every book is handmade and inspected by our amazing bookmakers.

Now, of course human error will occasionally occur and if we have not caught a manufacturing defect, please let us know – we want you to love your book!

Send us an email at info@treasure-book.com with the following:

-attach a photo or two outlining the problem area

-Please include your name, order number and description of the defect

-The page number of the problem/defect

Please contact us within 21 days of receiving your photo. If the defect is deemed a production error or has been damaged by shipping, we will re-print it at no additional cost. We may ask you to return your book in order to use as a training tool to keep improving.

Also, please note that as a rule Treasure Book does not provide refunds. Be assured, if your book has a manufacturing defect, we will either fix or replace your book. Although we do our utmost best to catch any consumer-generated errors in the design of the book, we are not responsible for things like miss-spelling, typo or grammatical errors, dark/shadowed images, fuzzy images due to low resolution and the like. Please review and ‘proof’ your Books thoroughly before placing your order. Thank-you!