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CALENDARS 2024: If you are about to create a new Calendar for 2024 on a WINDOWS COMPUTER ( PC ),
Please contact us first at (toll free) 1-877-513-8261 or 604-539-8211

We're in full Book-making mode for the upcoming Holiday Season - it's never too early to submit your Card,
Calendar and Book Designs for Gift Giving... watch your Inbox for details!.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, please give us a call toll free at 1-877-513-8261.


General Questions

A page is one side of a sheet. A 20 page book contains 10 sheets.

No, all files need to be sent to us through our software.

No, one coupon code per order can be used only.

During the year, we aim to deliver books to any address in Canada within 10 business days. From November to the week before Christmas it takes longer due to increased volume. Call 1-877-513-8261 when in doubt.

Yes we offer that service. Just place your order and write on it that you’d like to use a Courier or Canada Post Xpress service. We will contact you and explain how the surcharges can be paid.

Simple! Just call us toll free 1-877-513-8261. All we need is your name and address and we’ll find the old file for you for re-ordering. Payment can be done over the phone by VISA or MasterCard.


Software Questions

Yes, but you must first save the pages as Jpegs (.jpg files) in your other program. Then import these pages as Jpegs into our software and send the file for printing.

Yes you can, but it requires some extra work and is not convenient to go back and forth. Make sure both computers have our software installed. Attach a memory stick to the first computer, open our software, click Photo Books and click EXPORT (let the file export to destination drive of your stick, for example drive H or J. The file will export to the memory stick. Now attach the stick to the second computer, start our software, select Photo Books and click IMPORT (let the file import from the stick, for example drive H or J.

Go to www.java.com and check if your PC has the latest version of Java installed. A fresh Java update usually solves the issue quickly. Call us toll free 1-877-513-8261 if a Java update does not resolve the issue.