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Sports Team Photo Book

by / Tuesday, 11 November 2014 / Published in Photobooks

When you play on a sports team, the friends you make will be some of the best in your life. You will work hard together and build bonds that aren’t easily broken, display them visually with a custom sports team photo book.

Everybody is used to the same old photographs of the team together looking less than enthusiastic, or the individual mug-shot style pictures… but what about these alternatives:

  • Follow your team in their pursuit of the championship – Combine action shots taken throughout the season with candid photographs of the team before, during, and after practices and games. Reserve the final page for a picture of everybody with the trophy!
  • Did you just graduate to a new level in your sport? Or perhaps you have entered retirement? A sports team photo book put together with all of your favourite highlights would serve as a wonderful keepsake from an important time in your life.
  • Many sports teams come together to embark on a journey like winning medals for their country or showcase the best athletes in a particular field. These groups are special and carry a great deal of meaning for the athletes involved –a sports team photo book would be a cherished keepsake from this time spent together.
  • Parents might really enjoy pulling together a sports team photo book to document the firsts: first hockey team, first dance recital, or a first tournament.

While athletes and parents alike would love to see sports team photo books, consider that they may also make a wonderful gift for coaches and support staff –they are as much a part of the journeys and victories as the participants themselves!

Trust your custom sports team photo book to a reliable printer in Canada. Treasure Book is a local company with the highest standards for printing, leaving it easy for you to trust their expertise. They have amazing customer service and do extra things like fix spelling and grammar mistakes, make colour corrections, touch up blemishes or red eyes. Their attention to detail is high and the many happy customers are a testament to that.

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