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Photo Book Canada – Are Canadian Companies Really Canadian?

by / Wednesday, 26 March 2014 / Published in Photobook Company Reviews

Not all companies advertising “photo book Canada” are fully operating in Canada. Yep, that’s right, and today we’d like to communicate with you about that startling find that a few customers have brought to our attention. Some photo book companies have been misleading about where they are printing your products. They say they are a Canadian company, but in turn, fire away their customer’s orders overseas, for low quality printing.

We would like to assure you that we are a real Canadian photo book printing company, and explain our process from start to finish. It is our hopes that you will see the attention, care and skill we put into each order we get. We want you to love your photo products. You will truly see the difference in authentic Canadian printing!

Canadian Photo Book Order Processing – Organized and Efficient

Let me first explain how your orders are being processed and handled. As soon as you send your order to us, it arrives on our server. We create a file for you and an invoice copy is printed and inserted into your file. Then a shipping label is typed and printed. After we have established payment has been made, one of our staff members examines your book, calendar, canvas print greeting card,post card or poster.

Photo Book and Photo Product Touchups – Image and Spelling Edits

We check everything from start to finish. If we find issues that need work, we’ll do that and fix errors, remove red-eye, light up a dark image and correct spelling errors if we catch them. We will notify you of these corrections. For some not so obvious issues, we will contact you prior to making any changes. If you forget to add a page or a last minute effect, contact us to arrange for anything that needs to be re-sent to us. This is part of our A+ service, we want all of our customers to love their photo products! We take pride in what we do and this is an important step we take to ensure your satisfaction.

Hand Crafted Photo Book Covers – Hand Stitched and Bound

Once we have made any edits, we start to craft your photo book covers. Our covers are specially hand crafted and if requested, we add a spine text to the book cover. After all this work is done and the file is determined to be print ready, we print the files. Then book pages are trimmed to size, a book block is produced, ready to be bound inside the cover.

Our book covers are also produced in house. They are printed, made self-adhesive, then laminated before the cover is mounted to the hard cover boards and finished. When the book cover and book block meet again, they will be finished together and bound to ensure a seamless bond. All this work is done in house at our location in Surrey, BC, Canada. We also ship from our Canadian location.

To us, there is a sense of pride from personally hand crafting each and every photo book and photo product order we get. We are wanting to reach out to the general public of this very real issue of companies saying they are Canadian, when indeed, they send their orders overseas to places like Malaysia or China for printing and binding.

Double Check to Make Sure Your Photo Book and Photo Products are Really Made in Canada

We did not try to discover this. Not at all. A few people in the last couple of weeks have approached us and asked if we make our books in Canada. They went on to explain that they searched online for “photobook canada“, selected a company and ordered books and found out after receipt that these books were made in Malaysia. Kind of fishy don’t you think? For truly “Made in Canada” photobooks, calendars, canvas prints or greeting cards, order from Treasure-Book Printers in Surrey, BC. You can rest assured, our products are all made in Canada. Please email us or call us toll free at 1-877-513-8261 for more details or start making your photo book or photo product with us today!

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  1. Cassandra says : Reply

    Hi Sarah thanks for writing to us about your experience. We are a Canadian owned and operated photo book company 🙂 You can stop by our shop if you are local.

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