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Creative Memories – Photobook Software Import & Printing Help

by / Wednesday, 26 March 2014 / Published in Photobook Company Reviews
Get your photo book from Creative Memories printed - photo book printing in Canada at last

Get your Creative Memories photo book printed in Canada

Creative Memories photobook customers can now print their photobooks with our photo book software.Creative Memories is a photobook company located in the USA that makes beautiful online scrapbooks and photobooks but their photobook software no longer allows customers to print their photobooks. At last, there is a solution! You can get your photo book printed, right here in Canada.

If you are like many of the Creative Memories customers out there and find yourself stuck and  unable to print your photo book, we can help!  Our software is fully compatible – it’s easy and fast to import and you will have your photo book in your hands in no time thanks to the Treasure-Book software.

Import Your Creative Memories Photobook Into Treasure-Book in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Download your free photo book software by Treasure Book
  2. Read the Photo Book User Guide
  3. Save your Creative Memories Pages as .jpg
  4. Place all .jpg images in a folder on your desktop
  5. Start the Treasure Book software and import this folder into our program
  6. Select the book size that you want to order
  7. Drag and drop the images into the software
  8. Preview your photo book
  9. When done, click “Send to Treasure-Book” and the file will upload to our server
  10. Check out with our online shopping cart

We print and ship your photo book right to your door!

Contact Us for More Information about How to Get Your Creative Memories Photo book Printed Today

If you would like more information on how to print your Creative Memories photobook, have any photobook printing enquiries or require support on how to use our software you can refer to the user guide or contact us directly via email or toll free at 1-877-513-8261.  We are open from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST and are happy to help.

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