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A family book is a great way to celebrate your heritage, and the history of your family. Most families own shoe boxes full of photographs and documents dating back 100 or more years, covering many generations. They contain valuable and often emotional information on the history and origin of people who came to North America,

There is still time left to order a yearbook for your school, team or club. You could also get a yearbook made to remember family trips or day to day life. Recent Yearbook Project for Hockey Academy in Kelowna We just finished 140 yearbooks for a hockey academy in  Kelowna and we are proud to

Taking pictures at home for your photo book of  Vancouver, BC is a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon in our city. Have you ever taken the time to go out and photograph the areas just outside your home? Most people in BC are blessed to live in a place that has beautiful nature sights at their fingertips.

Not all companies advertising “photo book Canada” are fully operating in Canada. Yep, that’s right, and today we’d like to communicate with you about that startling find that a few customers have brought to our attention. Some photo book companies have been misleading about where they are printing your products. They say they are a

Creative Memories photobook customers can now print their photobooks with our photo book software.Creative Memories is a photobook company located in the USA that makes beautiful online scrapbooks and photobooks but their photobook software no longer allows customers to print their photobooks. At last, there is a solution! You can get your photo book printed,

A couple of years ago we took our kids on a special family vacation to Germany. We stayed with family and friends as we toured the country, finding treasures and photo-worthy sights in each new city.   I had bought a new camera for this trip. I planned to take lots of pictures to put

As a photo book printing company and photo product supplier, we see a great number of pictures every day. Some of these are really good, and make for wonderful printed pages in our photo books. However, a large number of pictures could have been a lot better than what they turned out to be if the