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Family Book – Create a Wonderful Family Keepsake

by / Saturday, 19 July 2014 / Published in Photobooks
Create a family book

Create a family photo book today!

Create a family book to capture events and look back in amazement at how much your family changes from year to year. With so much going on, it is easy to move from milestone to milestone without taking the time to reflect on the details. Consider putting together a family yearbook so you have a beautiful reminder to enjoy and share. Most people think of photo books purely as gifts for the grandparents (which isn’t a bad idea), but a family yearbook can also be a good opportunity to get creative and put photographs into context that will give them added meaning as you look back years later.

What Kind of Photos Should You Choose for Your Family Book?

Want to put something together that is really special? Instead of making a simple slideshow of events, try a few of our suggestions below. You can also check out some photo book samples.

  • School Yearbook – Did your son or daughter start kindergarten this year? Surround their first day of school picture with first day pictures from your other children (or even yourself) to create a sentimental comparison page.
  • Adventure or Vacation Book – Did your family take a holiday? In addition to the usual photographs of everybody having fun, add in a few of the candid shots that may be fun to look back on in the years to come. I am especially fond of the shots that nobody knew you nabbed (like sleeping travellers or crazy post-rollercoaster hair).
  • Memory Book – Do you have any photographs that remind you of something else? Years from now, you might remember all of the big things that happened. You will probably forget that your son scrunches up his eyebrows just like grandpa used to, or the crazy colourful jeans that you couldn’t convince your daughter to take off no matter how hard you tried.
  • Baby Book – Did you welcome your first child this year? Find pictures of mom and dad to add in to each milestone photo to add some dimension and let everybody see exactly who the baby takes after.
  • Family Book – Don’t limit your family yearbook to your immediate family! Perhaps it would be fun to create a book of cousins and their adventures together (and then gift each of them with a copy).

If You Want to Make More Than One Family Book, Plan to Do Them By Theme

Warning: family yearbooks can be addictive! While creating your first photobook, you will likely find yourself planning the next one. Give some thought to possible themes, like: selfies gone wild or a collection of photographs taken of the family garden gnome at every important event throughout the year.

High Quality Family Book or Photo Book Printing – Reliable Canadian Company

When you are making a family book or photo book, it is important to make sure that you choose a reliable printer. This will make all the difference in the final work. It is well worth it to hire the professionals at Treasure-Book. They have high attention to detail, will proofread your book and even fix and red eyes or blemishes along the way. They print on the highest paper quality available. It is so pleasant to the touch, and doesn’t tear easily or leave fingerprint marks. Check out all of these rave reviews from customers who have chosen Treasure-Book as their go to photo book printing company.

Start Making Your Family Book Today

No matter which photographs you use in the creation of your family yearbook, it is a fun way to add a certain type of narrative to your otherwise two-dimensional memories. Surprise your family and friends with a custom family photo book! Just download your free photo book software by filling out the form to the right and start your project today. If you need help, you can contact us by phone at 1-877-513-8261 or send us an email.

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