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Let Us Make a Photo Book for You

Photo Book sample with happy customers

Let Us Make a Photo Book for You

Are you too busy to create a photobook by yourself? Do you lack design skills or find computers hard to use? No matter what your reasons are, we can help you! Here’s how our photo book creation service works.

  1. Send us your photos
    • Mail us a CD, DVD or another type of disc that contains the photos that you would like to use, or
    • Upload your photo book photos to a file sharing service like Drop Box and share the folder with us
    • Email or call us to make sure we have received your photos
  2. Choose what kind of photo book you want
    • Choose your photo book size and orientation
    • Choose from hard cover photo wrap or a fabric cover; specify fabric type and colours. Keyhole is optional
    • Choose how many pages you want
  3. Specify any special text you want
    • What text is required, if any, and where should this be placed?
  4. Photo Book Design
    • Choose backgrounds, themes and photo book stickers from our online shop. Examples:”all black backgrounds” or “colourful backgrounds” or “max 4 pictures on a page” and whatever else comes to your mind
  5. Your Shipping Info
    • Your name, address, phone number and email address.

Photo Book Printing, Order Processing and Shipping Info

Once we have all of this info we will get started making your photo book. When we finalize the details of your photo book, we will call you for your payment details and start making your photo book. We will send you an invoice by email. Once your photo book has been completed, we will print it and ship it to you within 5 business days. Your photos can then be mailed back to you and you may remove us from any online photo folders you have shared with us.

Make a Photo Book – Table of Pages and Prices for all Photo Book Sizes

You can calculate easily how many pages you will need using this guide of 4 photos per page. Of course we will do our best to include a few pages with just one photo to place emphasis on a certain good shot. This is why our pricing is flexible and is always in increments of 20 pages. If you order 41 – 60 pages and there are sufficient photos, we will do our best to include the maximum amount of pages inside your book so you can save money. All prices in Canadian dollars. Click to see your Photo Book approximate cost in US Dollars and other currencies, by typing the amount and click on “convert”.

The minumum 20 pages,$39
21 – 40 pages,$49
41 – 60 pages,$64
61 – 80 pages,$79
81 – 100 pages,$94
101 – 120 pages,$109
121 – 140 pages,$124
141 – 160 pages,$139
161 – 180 pages,$154
181 – 200 pages,$169

 Contact Us for More Information About How We Can Make Photo Book for You

If the steps above are hard to follow please give us a call at 1-877-513-8261 or send us an email and we will walk you through the process so that we can make a photo book for you. You can