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Corporate Photo Book

by / Friday, 07 November 2014 / Published in Photobooks

When you think of your most cherished memories captured in photographs, you likely start thinking about birthday parties and holidays and times when your families come together. What about our workplace families and the things you have accomplished together?

Consider the following ways you can use a corporate photo book to bring these memories together in a meaningful way:

  • Is a valued team member ready to retire? Pull together team photos over the time they spend working for the organization. Showcase special projects they worked on and key achievements they should be proud of.
  • Does your organization create physical products? Bring photographs together in an anthology that shows the evolution of your designs.
  • Is your company expanding? Take pictures through the entire process including renovations and training experiences and keep copies of the book in your break room for people to reminisce over.
  • Does your organization host an annual fundraiser or social BBQ? Appoint somebody as the chief photographer at every event and create a book afterward with the results of their efforts.
  • Think about themes! Is there a production process you could walk through? Do you have a backroom full of awards and accolades you could pull together with photographs and then brag about?
  • Does your organization have difficulty recruiting new team members? A corporate photo book may give you a chance to show off your facilities or efficiencies in a way that makes your organization even more attractive to candidates you are trying to court.

Once created, corporate photo books make great gifts for colleagues and clients, but also consider having a few extras on hand to use as giveaways for golf tournaments and other marketing opportunities.

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Start Making Your Family Book Today

No matter which photographs you use in the creation of your corporate photo book, it is a fun way to add a certain type of narrative to your otherwise two-dimensional memories. Surprise your colleagues with acustom corporate photo book! Justdownload your free photo book software by filling out the form to the right and start your project today. If you need help, you cancontact us by phone at 1-877-513-8261 or send us an email.

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