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Welcome to the Treasure Book digital scrapbook shop. Here you can browse different images like flowers, jewelry, fun stuff, beads and strings and backgrounds. You can select one, a few or a lot of digital “stickers” and add them right to your photo album! Mix, match and have fun creating your digital scrapbook. Special bundle discounts are in effect, the more you buy, the more you save. Download your photo product creation software (it’s totally free) and start making your photo book today!

Background downloads are Jpeg files and all Clipart comes in PNG format. That means that they will show on your pages without boxes around them, just the plain image! Perfect way to enhance your pages!

After check out and subsequent download, save all these in a special folder on your computer. Then, with every project you create,  you can access them and add to your pages as required. Import them into the Treasure-Book software the same way you would import your pictures.

Save your purchased downloads on a back-up disc to avoid losing them in a crash.